Isobel - Summer 2005


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Dad's Day at the Office


Dad's Day at the Office


Dad read me a story
Oh, Dad get me a drink;
Dad here is a diaper
The baby really does stink.

The dishes are stacked
To the ceiling so high
My poor daddy looks
Like he could actually cry.

So I play with my toys,
With my yellow sailboat
I play with my farmhouse,
The horse and the goat...

Soon I must clean up
For I need to take my nap
Look daddy look..
Emma can clap..

Can we go for a walk?
Can we play at the park?
I will ride the swings
Until just before dark.

When does mommy come home?
Can we call her on the phone?
I am afraid we can't right now,
We are all alone...

So sing me a lullaby,
Rock me to sleep,
I'll close my eyes
Promise I won't peep.

I feel so young and
I feel so old
With whom shall I share
These memories I hold

Copyright© Steven Remington